How to use Mime4Net parser - C# Samples

You can try community edition with samples or just look below and review parts of code for making sure that it's really easy to work with Mime4Net component and integrate it in your application.

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Community Edition for evaluation and non-commercial usage

  • Extracting all message attachments, including attachments inside attached messages

  • Simple example how to parse MIME message and generate XML representation of Mime Message (NI.Mime4Net.Samples.ConvertToXml)

  • A sample application showing how Mime4Net can be used for composing messages with MHTML (NI.Mime4Net.Samples.ComposeMhtml)

  • Parsing infinite MIME streams with Mime4Net

These samples should not be considered commercial quality applications. They are just intended to illustrate how to use some particular feature, or group of features in Mime4Net. Feel free to polish them into applications of your own, or extract sections to use in your own code.


  • MIME messages composing new
  • Load and parse MIME messages from stream
  • MIME encoding/decoding
  • Transparent decoding of fields and bodies
  • Easy integration (similar to SAX XML parser)
  • 100% compatibility with RFC822 and MIME
  • Support for improperly formated messages
  • Manipulate MIME message structure
  • Works under .NET framework 2.0-4.5
  • Unit tests sources are included in the package
  • Parsing MHTML format (RFC 2557) new
  • Easy work with attachments
  • Character sets matching
  • All mime4j (Apache) tests are passed
  • Standalone component, managed C# code

We developed such a product for our needs, tested and implemented it, and only few moments later we presented it on global market.
Andrew Uminski,
NewtonIdeas company, CEO