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Q: Is it possible to parse a message, update it and then save it back to disk and/or email it?
Q: Need more information about licensing. For Development license, Server license or Side license?
Q: Can the component re-encode (into MHTML) outgoing mail (with embedded and external attachments).
Q: How can I skip all attachments? I am only interested in the visible text...
Q: Does the library support "multipart/x-mixed-replace" content type? I want to parse infinite MIME stream and catch events
when new part of "multipart/x-mixed-replace" multipart body is received.
Q: Does the library compile and function 100% if compiled against Mono 1.0+? If not, do you have a Linux version in C/C++?
Q: Are there any utilities to parse the "From" field to extract eg the ip address?
Q: Do we need to specifically dispose of any objects to avoid memory leaks?
Q: How do I find the text/plain message and the Header Data such as From/To etc?.
Q: How can I iterate through header fields looking for eg IsFrom or specific name and then use the field body?
Q: If I want to read the attachment, is the decoding (eg from base 64) carried out for me or will I have to do this? Similarly,
when reading the body will the reader take into account the specified encoding?
Q: Is there a way to override the charset of a MimeMessage (particularly the HTML and text parts) with an arbitrary charset?


  • MIME messages composing new
  • Load and parse MIME messages from stream
  • MIME encoding/decoding
  • Transparent decoding of fields and bodies
  • Easy integration (similar to SAX XML parser)
  • 100% compatibility with RFC822 and MIME
  • Support for improperly formated messages
  • Manipulate MIME message structure
  • Works under .NET framework 2.0-4.5
  • Unit tests sources are included in the package
  • Parsing MHTML format (RFC 2557) new
  • Easy work with attachments
  • Character sets matching
  • All mime4j (Apache) tests are passed
  • Standalone component, managed C# code

We developed such a product for our needs, tested and implemented it, and only few moments later we presented it on global market.
Andrew Uminski,
NewtonIdeas company, CEO