What clients say about Mime4Net?

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1. Integrating Mime4Net into my application was extremely easy. The samples provided were straight forward and easy to comprehend.

2. We tested several components that did Mime parsing against a large corpus of messages. Not only did Mime4Net process these messages quickly it was very reliable. A good portion of the messages that were tested were structurally flawed and Mime4Net had no issues processing them.

3. While the component is exceptional, their support is what actually won me over as a customer. While we were still evaluating the component we provided several messages that were structurally flawed. The support department evaluated each of the messages and adapted the component to be able parse those messages. Since purchasing the component we have opened several tickets regarding performing more complex tasks with the component. In every single case we were provided with additional samples that demonstrated how to complete the task. Mime4Net support is exceptional.

4. When we started testing the Mime4Net component we were very impressed with how fast and reliable it is. What made us purchase it was the outstanding support we were provided.

Darrell, Invariant Systems
Invariant Systems specializes in the development of custom reporting, monitoring, and anti spam applications. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive solutions of the highest quality that meet your diverse requirements.

1. I would say that it was somewhat difficult to integrate. The documentation perhaps did not go far enough towards giving reasonable examples.

2. I would say that once we got the component working, we have been very pleased with the reliability. Speed was not one of the requirements of our implementation (as we are using the component more in an on demand reporting capacity). However, each call does not take an excessive amount of time which is good.

3. Customer service has been excellent. Very responsive.

4. One of our developers had found the product online (through searches I believe). Feature set, .NET compatibility and price all were factors in our decision.

Tom Delibassis, Strategy9
Strategy9 is a leading provider of data-driven, web-based marketing, email, CRM and database solutions.

Dear current and future customers,

NewtonIdeas Software Development Company wants to say thank you for interest to "Mime4Net" mime parser.

We would like to ask you send us impression about Mime4Net mail parser if you have a chance to use our component. Your fair feedback will help us to improve our services in future!

Could you please let us know your thoughts about the following 4 questions (you may answer all of any of them):

  1. Was it easy or difficult to integrate into your system? Did documentation and samples help?
  2. What is your experience about Mime4Net component reliability, speed of email parsing (maybe you did any tests and comparison with other parsers)?
  3. What is your impression about our customer service and technical support?
  4. What was the main reason to choose Mime4Net?
We will be very thankful for your feedback and if you write few words about your company.

Always yours,
NewtonIdeas team


  • MIME messages composing new
  • Load and parse MIME messages from stream
  • MIME encoding/decoding
  • Transparent decoding of fields and bodies
  • Easy integration (similar to SAX XML parser)
  • 100% compatibility with RFC822 and MIME
  • Support for improperly formated messages
  • Manipulate MIME message structure
  • Works under .NET framework 2.0-4.5
  • Unit tests sources are included in the package
  • Parsing MHTML format (RFC 2557) new
  • Easy work with attachments
  • Character sets matching
  • All mime4j (Apache) tests are passed
  • Standalone component, managed C# code

We developed such a product for our needs, tested and implemented it, and only few moments later we presented it on global market.
Andrew Uminski,
NewtonIdeas company, CEO