Licenses Information

1 server
for the
whole pack

Community Edition for evaluation and non-commercial usage

Commercial Binary License

Our binary licence allows to use Email and Mime parsing component Mime4Net for the development purposes and to install it on 1 or unlimited (depends on license type) amount of servers where you need to host your products. The only limitation - you can not resell it or distribute further.

Community Edition License

Identical to commercial binary license but it cannot be used in commercial projects. Also it requires separate FREE license key for each domain name where Mime4Net component is hosted.

Source-code License


  • Buying this license you can make full auditing of component's source code. You can also make any changes and redistribute it without paying royalty fee for us.
  • This is the most easy way to build your own parser with extended functionality.

This package of Mime4Net includes:

  • Full source code (Microsoft C#)
  • Compiled component (DLL's)
  • Full documentation (html format)
  • Sources of test scripts
  • Examples of using
  • 30 days e-mail support


  • MIME messages composing new
  • Load and parse MIME messages from stream
  • MIME encoding/decoding
  • Transparent decoding of fields and bodies
  • Easy integration (similar to SAX XML parser)
  • 100% compatibility with RFC822 and MIME
  • Support for improperly formated messages
  • Manipulate MIME message structure
  • Works under .NET framework 2.0-4.5
  • Unit tests sources are included in the package
  • Parsing MHTML format (RFC 2557) new
  • Easy work with attachments
  • Character sets matching
  • All mime4j (Apache) tests are passed
  • Standalone component, managed C# code

We developed such a product for our needs, tested and implemented it, and only few moments later we presented it on global market.
Andrew Uminski,
NewtonIdeas company, CEO