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Multipart ClassMIME4NET Class Library Documentation
Represents a MIME multipart body (see RFC 2045).A multipart body has a ordered list of body parts. The multipart body also has a preamble and epilogue. The preamble consists of whatever characters appear before the first body part while the epilogue consists of whatever characters come after the last body part.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  NI.Email.Mime.Message Multipart

Namespace: NI.Email.Mime.Message
Assembly: NI.Email.Mime (in NI.Email.Mime.dll) Version: 1.8.5168.22709

public class Multipart : IBody

The Multipart type exposes the following members.


Public methodMultipart
Creates a new empty Multipart instance.

Public methodAddBodyPart
Adds a body part to the end of the list of body parts.
Public methodAddRelatedBinaryPart
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Public methodWriteTo

Public propertyBodyParts
Gets the list of body parts. The list is immutable.
Public propertyEpilogue
Gets the epilogue.
Public propertyParent
Public propertyPreamble
Gets the preamble.
Public propertySubType
Gets the multipart sub-type. E.g. alternative (the default) or parallel. See RFC 2045 for common sub-types and their meaning.
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