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NI.Email.Mime.Message NamespaceMIME4NET Class Library Documentation
The NI.Email.Mime.Message namespace contains classes and interfaces for MIME message object structure.

Public classAbstractBody
Abstract Body implementation providing the parent functionality required by bodies.
Public classBodyPart
Represents a MIME body part (see RFC 2045).
Public classEntity
MIME entity. An entity has a header and a body (see RFC 2045).
Public classHeader
The header of an entity (see RFC 2045).
Public classMemoryBinaryBody
Binary body stored in memory.
Public classMemoryTextBody
Text body stored in memory.
Public classMimeMessage
Represents a MIME message. The following code parses a stream into a Message object.
Message msg = new Message(new FileStream("mime.msg"));
Public classMultipart
Represents a MIME multipart body (see RFC 2045).A multipart body has a ordered list of body parts. The multipart body also has a preamble and epilogue. The preamble consists of whatever characters appear before the first body part while the epilogue consists of whatever characters come after the last body part.

Public interfaceIBinaryBody
Interface implemented by bodies containing binary data.
Public interfaceIBody
Encapsulates the body of an entity (see RFC 2045).
Public interfaceICharsetAwareBody
Public interfaceITextBody
Encapsulates the contents of a text/* entity body.