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MimeMessage PropertiesMIME4NET Class Library Documentation

The MimeMessage type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBody
Gets the body of this entity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyCharset
Determines the MIME character set encoding of this Entity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyContentTransferEncoding
Determines the transfer encoding of this Entity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyCurrentEncoding (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyHeader
Gets the entity header.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyIsMultipart
Determines if the MIME type of this Entity is multipart/*. Since multipart-entities must have a boundary parameter in the Content-Type field this method returns false if no boundary exists.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyMimeType
Determines the MIME type of this Entity. The MIME type is derived by looking at the parent's Content-Type field if no Content-Type field is set for this Entity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent entity of this entity. Returns null if this is the root entity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertySubject
Gets the Subject field.
Public propertyUseTempFileStorage
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