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NI.Email.Mime.Field.Address NamespaceMIME4NET Class Library Documentation

Public classAddress
The abstract base for classes that represent RFC2822 addresses. This includes groups and mailboxes. Currently, no public methods are introduced on this class.
Public classAddressList
An immutable, random-access list of Address objects.
Public classDomainList
An immutable, random-access list of Strings (that are supposedly domain names or domain literals).
Public classGroup
A named group of zero or more mailboxes.
Public classMailbox
Represents a single e-mail address.
Public classMailboxList
An immutable, random-access list of Mailbox objects.
Public classNamedMailbox
A Mailbox that has a name/description.

Public interfaceIComplexAddress
It's marker interface for classes, that hold more than one addresses