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ContentTypeField PropertiesMIME4NET Class Library Documentation

The ContentTypeField type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBody
Gets the unfolded, unparsed and possibly encoded (see RFC 2047) field body string.
(Inherited from MimeField.)
Public propertyBoundary
Gets the value of the boundary parameter if set.
Public propertyCharset
Gets the value of the charset parameter if set.
Public propertyIsContentType
Determines if this is a Content-Type field.
(Inherited from MimeField.)
Public propertyIsFrom
Determines if this is a From field.
(Inherited from MimeField.)
Public propertyIsMultipart
Determines if the MIME type of this field is multipart/*.
Public propertyIsSubject
Determines if this is a Subject field.
(Inherited from MimeField.)
Public propertyIsTo
Determines if this is a To field.
(Inherited from MimeField.)
Public propertyMainValue
Public propertyMimeType
Gets the MIME type defined in this Content-Type field.
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the field (Subject, From, etc).
(Inherited from MimeField.)
Public propertyParameters
Gets all parameters.
Public propertyParseException
Gets the exception that was raised during parsing of the field value, if any; otherwise, null.
Public propertyRaw
Gets the original raw field string.
(Inherited from MimeField.)
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