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ContentTypeField FieldsMIME4NET Class Library Documentation

The ContentTypeField type exposes the following members.


Protected fieldbody (Inherited from MimeField.)
Protected fieldname (Inherited from MimeField.)
Public fieldStatic memberParamBoundary
The name of the boundary parameter.
Public fieldStatic memberParamCharset
The name of the charset parameter.
Protected fieldraw (Inherited from MimeField.)
Public fieldStatic memberTypeMessageRFC822
The message/rfc822 MIME type.
Public fieldStatic memberTypeMultipartAlternative
The multipart/alternative MIME type.
Public fieldStatic memberTypeMultipartDigest
The multipart/digest MIME type.
Public fieldStatic memberTypeMultipartMixed
The multipart/mixed MIME type.
Public fieldStatic memberTypeMultipartPrefix
The prefix of all multipart MIME types.
Public fieldStatic memberTypeTextHtml
The text/html MIME type.
Public fieldStatic memberTypeTextPlain
The text/plain MIME type.
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